Welding fume extractor arms are available for many industrial applications, requiring flexibility and mobility. Our extractors allow you to direct fume extraction to the specific job application, giving you more control over fumes.

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“Evolution” Fume Extractor Source Capture Arm

Evolution fume extractor

  • Premium quality arm
  • Available as single arm with wall-mount or bench-mount models.
  • Available as dual arms connected to common plenum.
  • Sizes; 4", 6", 7", 8", 10" diameter conduit, 7', 9', 10', 14' lengths (reach).
  • Enamel, aluminum, stainless steel, explosion-proof.
  • Patented external joints.
  • Optional; in-hood light kit, extension booms up to 28' reach
  • Evolution Arm Brochure (PDF)

Dynaflex Fume Extractor Arm

dynaflex arm

  • Economy style arm
  • Available as 6.5" diameter by 7', 10' 14' radius/length.
  • Wall-mount, portable / bench mount configurations.
  • Fully self-supporting, flexible and can rotate 360o , easy to maneuver and position.
  • Options; in hood light kit, extension booms up to 28' reach.
  • Dynaflex Fume Extractor Arm Brochure (PDF)

Fume Extractor Arm with Blower

Arm with Blower

Evolution or Dynaflex Fume Extractor available with integral exhaust blower.

1 and 1.5 HP, 110/1ph VAC; and 3HP, 208-230-460-575/3ph VAC.

Fume Extractor Arms Mounted on Portable/Mobile Fume and Dust Collector

  • Can be mounted on Portable Fume and Dust Collectors.
  • Source capture of welding fumes, light dust, and VOCs.
  • Draws contaminants away from the operator's breathing zone and reduce emissions to an acceptable level.
  • Efficient, cost effective control of fume, smoke, dust, and odor from a variety of manufacturing and processes.
  • Operations generating welding fume, dusts from grinding or sanding and other processes.
  • Wide variety of filters; cartridge, fiberglass, HEPA, or carbon (for odor control).
  • Help with compliance to local NFPA, OSHA and Ministry of Labor regulations.
  • Complies with OSHA's new Hexavalent Chromium standard.
  • See our Mobile Fume and Portable Dust Collectors[link to portable dust collector page]

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