Our in-line spark arrestor, The Quencher, is engineered to channel hot embers and sparks into a high energy turbulation cell, extinguishing and keeping them away from the filters in the dust collector, thus reducing the risk of a fire or explosion. Our spark arrestor cools the sparks and embers that cause fires and explosions in dust collection systems. It's not just a spark trap! Low-pressure, high efficiency spark arrestors like The Quencher,  can be mounted in-line with the existing or new duct work and are available in either a horizontal or vertical setup, providing the versatility to fit into any installation.

An Ultra-Flow Baghouse Dust Collector will allow you to process large amounts of dust laden air and return perectly clean air to the work environment. The most advanced self-cleaning technology uses powerful, but gentle, reverse blasts of compressed-air, to inflate the filter bags causing the dust caked on the outside of the bag to drop down into the hopper. Our top of the line dust collectors can filter out the smallest and largest sized dust particles in continuous operating mode. Our top load filter bags and easy access doors make maintenance as simple as possible.

Our Small Baghouse Dust Collectors are designed for smaller applications but still use our compressed-air, self-cleaning technology. Our top of the line dust collectors can filter out sub-micron sized dust particles in continuous operating mode and our sealed mechanisms and easy access doors make maintenance as simple as possible. These Small Baghouse Dust Collectors offer a great value for smaller businesses and their smaller footprint means it can be install in much tighter spaces.

Installing our Booster Duct Cleaner will help boost airflow and clean dust build-up in your ducts. The Booster Duct Cleaner is easy to install and uses advanced pulse jet technology, each cleaner able to handle 20-50 feet of duct. If you need more, you can simply install multiple Booster Duct Cleaners for longer than average duct runs.

Downdraft tables or downdraught benches are workstations with built-in ventilation to capture and filter dust, smoke, and fumes and draw them away from the material being worked on to increase efficiency and worker safety. Our dry and wet, self-contained filtered downdraft tables are all manufactured in the USA.

Quality Air Management offers a exhaustive range of equipment to control harmful airborne industrial contaminants such as coolant mist, welding smoke, and grinding dust. Our Portable Dust Collectors and Mobile Fume Extractors allow you to control dust or harmful fumes right at the source. The contaminant is trapped at the source, thus maximizing the protection to the operator by removing contaminant before it enters the operators breathing area. And the unit pushes clean air into the work area, which can reduce cooling and/or heating costs.

Welding fume extractor arms are available for many industrial applications, requiring flexibility and mobility. Our extractors allow you to direct fume extraction to the specific job application, giving you more control over fumes.

All Quality Air Management products are manufactured to the highest standards:



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