Small Industrial Dust Collector

Dust Extraction for Small Dust Control

Small Baghouse Industrial Dust Collector
30LC bottom load easy access Ultra-Flow baghouse industrial dust collector collecting fine resin dust without after-filters

Our Small Industrial Dust Collector is designed for smaller applications but still use our advanced compressed-air, self-cleaning technology. Our top of the line dust collectors can filter out sub-micron sized dust particles in continuous operating mode and our sealed mechanisms and easy access doors make maintenance as simple as possible. These Small Baghouse Dust Collectors offer a great value for smaller businesses and their smaller footprint means it can be installed in much tighter spaces.

Features at a glance

  • Hi-Tech LC series self-cleaning baghouse industrial Dust Collector, suitable for all types of granular dusts and air pollution control, this dust collector is ideal for your shop or anywhere indoor air quality is a concern.
  • Most advanced pulse jet cleaning technology; Cleans 100% of media (instead of 20-25% by conventional technologies)
  • Powerful, but gentle high-volume / low-velocity pulse jet for stable dust cake, 1/3 pressure drop, less cleaning frequency and prevent wear and tear of filters.
  • 99% efficient on all types of particulate dust and produces no “puffing” during a cleaning pulse.
  • Positive seal system; Prevents harmful dust leakage to the outlet.
  • Easy to service; bottom load bags and cages.
  • High side inlet; absorbs impulsive dust loads and ensures dust drops to the hopper unimpeded. Allows for high-ratio operation at up to 18:1 filter ratio, regardless of dust and/or application
  • Large access door; for easy service.
  • Optional perforated baffle; Optimize air and dust distribution over all filters, reduces effects of abrasive dust.
  • Hopper or Low-profile dust drawer styles available.
  • Affordable Purchase Price, 30-40% smaller foot print, this dust collector is a compact version of our acclaimed heavy duty Ultra-Flow Baghouse Dust Collector.
  • Lowers Yearly Operating Cost, 25-45% Lower power consumption and compressed air usage, and 50-80% Lower maintenance and operating cost.
  • Built to ISO 9001:2008 and CWB Certification, Your Guarantee of Quality and Reliability.
  • Designed, Engineered and assembled in the U.S.A. and Canada. Our component suppliers are strictly U.S.A. and Canadian.