Quality Air Solutions for Dust Collection

We Sell, Customize, Retrofit and Install
All Sizes of Dust Collectors and Spark Arrestors

Industrial dust collection is an essential part of a safe and clean work environment. No two jobs are the same, so forget about off-the-shelf solutions. Quality Air Management specializes in custom quality air solutions for all your industrial processes.

We will help you eliminate a full array of air borne contaminants for woodworking, welding, grinding and polishing, laser/plasma cutting, powder coating, cement plants, automotive, rubber recycling, grain dust, smelting furnaces and many others.

ULTRA-FLOW Baghouse Dust Collector
High-Ratio Advanced Technology
No dust emissions or “puffing”
Lowest operating cost and maintenance
Longest filter life
QUENCHER Spark Arrestor
Designed specifically for dust collection
Uncompromising industrial quality construction
Unparalleled success since 2005
The original spark arrestor / spark trap


Small Ultra-Flow Dust Collector
Compact with integral blower
Low cost and ideal for small dust collection
High-Ratio Advanced Technology
No dust emissions or “puffing”
Booster Duct Cleaner
Low cost solution, easy add-on existing duct-work
Boost low flow condition in ducted systems
Prevent dust accumulation from dust drop out
Uses advanced pulse-jet technology


Mini Quencher
Spark Arrestor for 2″ to 4″ vacuum systems
Prevents fires and explosions the dust collector
Sturdy industrial quality
Easy slip sleeve duct/tubing connections
Engineering/Consulting Services
Retrofit/rebuild to latest advanced technology
Comprehensive system troubleshooting service
Filtration efficiency to 99%, eliminate “puffing”
Up to 60% lower power and operating costs


Dust collection and industrial ventilation is a very complex subject and should be handled by experienced experts. Consult our “Resource Center” at Dust Collector Guide  for many technical bulletins, blog and many testimonials.