Booster Duct Cleaner

Booster Duct CleanerInstalling our Booster Duct Cleaner will help boost airflow and clean dust build-up in your ducts. The Booster Duct Cleaner is easy to install and uses advanced pulse jet technology, each cleaner is able to handle 20-50 feet of duct. If you need more, you can simply install multiple Booster Duct Cleaners for any duct runs. Designed, Engineered and assembled in the U.S.A. and Canada. Our component suppliers are strictly American and Canadian.


Booster Duct Cleaner: A Low Cost Simple Solution for Dust Dropout in Dust Collection Systems

The Booster Duct Cleaner is an ideal solution;

  • Cleans 25-50 feet of duct, for longer duct runs use multiple BOOSTERS
  • Boosts airflow by 2-4 times in low flow duct systems.
  • Low flow conditions causes dust to dropout in the ducts.
  • Cleans Dust Drop-out in duct-work to the dust collector, by simply inserting in the duct section to be cleaned of dust.
  • Prevent structural damage in duct-work, from the weight of accumulated dust.
  • Eliminate the risk of fire and explosions in duct-work.
  • Unplug blockages in pneumatic conveying systems.
  • Momentum pulsed duct cleaner, using advanced pulse jet technology.