Mini-Quencher Spark Arrestor, Spark Trap

Mini Quencher Spark Arrestor

Mini Quencher spark trap

Ideal for Vacuum Systems (2″ to 4″ tubing); the Mini-Quencher

An extension of our highly acclaimed Quencher spark arrestor product line. A static device, with no moving parts.The spark trap “cell” consists of overlapping turbulation vanes in a round housing, thereby creating maximum agitation and turbulence of the air stream. Turbulence strips the oxygen (fuel) away from the spark/ember, thereby extinguishing it. The hot air envelop surrounding the spark/ember, being removed by high speed agitation immediately cools the spark/ember to the low temperature of the air stream.

Mini-QUENCHER spark arrestor (or spark trap) is designed and built specifically for spark arresting and cooling. It is not a renamed air blender or mixer.

Duct Connections: Standard is sleeve joint / slip on.
Robust and abrasion resistant: made of painted hot rolled steel tube and internal components.
Stock Models Available: (shipped in 24-36 hours, APO)
Q-2; 2 inch (OD) connection, 100-150 SCFM, 23 inch long, terra-brown Steel, 10 lbs
Q-3; 3 inch (OD) connection, 130-340 SCFM, 26 inch long, terra-brown steel, 18 lbs
Q-4; 4 inch (OD) connection, 300-500 SCFM, 37 inch long, terra-brown steel, 25 lbs
* Non-stock item made to order

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How the Mini-Quencher Spark Arrestor Works

Laminar flow in ducts; (1) creates a hot air envelop (800°F) around the spark/ember (1400°F) and feeds oxygen to the spark, (2) the spark is buoyed up and floats along in the gas stream for 100 feet or more.

The Mini-QUENCHER spark arrestor (spark trap) creates extreme turbulence and breaks apart the envelop, strips the oxygen (fuel) away from the burning spark, extinguishing and cooling it. The temperature of the spark, leaving the Mini-QUENCHER, is now too low to cause an ignition and fire. The cooled sparks are safely carried along the gas stream to the dust collector.

Mini-Quencher spark trap action

CAUTION: Air mixing or blender devices, being marketed as spark suppressors and spark coolers, do not create enough turbulence and have large gaps in the cells, permitting sparks to slip through and set fire to the dust collector.

Sparks entering Quencher spark arrestor     No Sparks Leaving Quencher spark arrestor

Quencher Models Available

Custom models for any duct size and/or operating range, up to 250,000 CFM.

ModelTypical Duct Diameter


Operating Range


Q-2, Mini-Quencher2100-150
Q-4, Mini-Quencher4300-500