Mini-Quencher Spark Arrestor, Spark Trap

Mini Quencher Spark Arrestor

Mini Quencher spark trap

Ideal for Vacuum Systems (2″ to 4″ tubing); the Mini-Quencher

An extension of our highly acclaimed Quencher spark arrestor product line. A static device, with no moving parts.The spark trap “cell” consists of overlapping turbulation vanes in a round housing, thereby creating maximum agitation and turbulence of the air stream. Turbulence strips the oxygen (fuel) away from the spark/ember, thereby extinguishing it. The hot air envelop surrounding the spark/ember, being removed by high speed agitation immediately cools the spark/ember to the low temperature of the air stream.

Mini-QUENCHER spark arrestor (or spark trap) is designed and built specifically for spark arresting and cooling. It is not a renamed air blender or mixer.

Duct Connections: Standard is sleeve joint / slip on.
Robust and abrasion resistant: made of painted hot rolled steel tube and internal components.
Stock Models Available: (shipped in 24-36 hours, APO)
Q-2; 2 inch (OD) connection, 100-150 SCFM, 28 inch long, terra-brown Steel, 18 lbs
Q-3*; 3 inch (OD) connection, 160-300 SCFM, 32 inch long, terra-brown steel, 24 lbs
Q-4; 4 inch (OD) connection, 300-500 SCFM, 36 inch long, terra-brown steel, 30 lbs
* Non-stock item made to order

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