Baghouse Dust Collector – Spark Arrestor

Large Quencher Spark Arrestor Being Delivered

Baghouse industrial dust collector technology; advanced, unique, proven since 1979 . Best dollar value available today, unmatched efficiency, unlimited filter life, small footprint, low energy consumption, low maintenance & operating cost. This technology can be retrofitted to existing dust collectors.

Quencher; the original spark arrestor for  dust collection since 2004 and is the only one that complies with the NFPA 69 Standard on Explosion Prevention Systems. A passive easy to apply in-line device with no moving parts to fail. An automatic self-cleaning option keeps the spark arrestor clean.

Specialists for exclusively retrofitting of existing conventional technology dust collectors to the benefits of new advanced technology. Our expert and vastly experienced engineers will consult for dust collection system design and troubleshoot problem systems. If we can’t fix it, no one can!

Imagine operating the best baghouse industrial dust collector and/or spark arrestor (trap)

to control contaminants and sparks/embers in any industry.

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Baghouse Industrial Dust Collector & Spark Arrestor Manufacturers

ULTRA-FLOW Baghouse Industrial Dust Collector
High-Ratio Advanced Technology baghouse dust collector is the most efficient (99%) trouble-free dust collector on the market. Because of its unmatched and unique Technology, there are no dust emissions or “puffing” which is typical of another baghouse dust collector. Compared to competitive conventional technology  baghouse dust collectors, operating costs are very low because it runs at 30-40% less power consumption, up to 70% less maintenance and unlimited bag filter life. Servicing is made easy with easily accessible top load filter and cages. All this with an unbelievably small footprint.

QUENCHER Spark Arrestor
This is the only passive inline spark arrestor that complies fully with NFPA 69 Standard on Explosion Prevention Systems. Quencher is built with uncompromising robust industrial quality, designed specifically for dust collection systems. Since 2004 the Quencher and Mini-Quencher have had unparalleled success since being introduced as the first original inline spark arrestor/trap for the dust collection industry. Many imitators have come and gone of flimsy construction, none of which can or will claim 100 % spark elimination which Quencher does. One spark only getting through can set fire to the dust collector.


Small Ultra-Flow Baghouse Dust Collector
This compact baghouse dust collector, with integral blower, is low cost and ideal for small dust collection jobs. Because of its unmatched and unique High-Ratio Advanced Technology, there are no dust emissions or “puffing” which is typical of another baghouse dust collector. Operating costs are very low because it runs at 30-40% less power, up to 70% less maintenance and unlimited bag filter life, compared to a competitive baghouse dust collector. Servicing is made easy with a large access door to bottom load bag filters and cages. All this in the smallest footprint on the market.

Auto Duct Cleaner Booster
This inline Momentum Pulse Cleaner Booster is an easy add-on to existing duct-work; a simple low cost solution to boost a low air flow condition in a ducted industrial ventilation system. It acts like a booster fan at a fraction of the cost and much easier to implement. Prevent dust accumulation, from drop out, in the duct-work which can be a fire and explosion hazard. The powered ejector/ booster increases the duct velocity to approximately 3 times the initial velocity for a short period of time. The short blast of compressed air blows any dust accumulation safely down the duct until it is capture by the dust filter device (i.e. baghouse).



“From the time we met the engineer, we knew we had the right expert. As I retire from 30 years of facilities management, I feel comfortable that I have left behind a real asset; Quality Air Management.”

Engineering consultation and dust collection audit.
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“All the so-called experts told me that I was being fooled, because smaller dust collectors could never do the job…We’ve run these for a while now and they are running amazingly well. I’m impressed and delighted.”

Ultra-Flow Model 60VS-8 and 72VS08 bag house dust collectors
Quality Air Management


“We were searching for an effective and practical spark arrestor to protect our dust collection systems from fires and explosions. We set up a test after receiving your unit and the test of The Quencher worked great!”

The Quencher – Spark Arrestor
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All Quality Air Management products are manufactured, to the highest standards, strictly in the USA and Canada:

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Types of Pulsed Reverse Jet Collectors

Generally, the collectors are divided into two categories; fabric (baghouse) and cartridge (pleated filter). It used to be a
matter of whether the media was pleated or not pleated. Or it used to be a matter of filter media itself. Now this
distinction has blurred. Some new pleated fabric media are applied to cartridge collector designs while pleated media
construction is applied to replacement filters on existing fabric collectors.

New Technical Breakthroughs in Baghouse Industrial Dust Collector

For purposes of this dust collector guide we must redefine the categories to include new technical breakthroughs in
construction, media, media construction and uses. In order to make this distinction, we will consider all pulse cleaned
collectors as having pleated media. An old collector with cylindrical bags would be considered to have pleats that are
equal to the circumference of the bags with a zero pleat depth. With this definition in mind we can define the collectors
and their application as being separated by the characteristics of the pleat shape.