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Large Quencher Spark Arrestor Being Delivered

Baghouse Dust Collectors, Quencher Spark Arrestors

We manufacture and sell you’re most advanced dust collection products!
Imagine finding the perfect dust collector, spark arrestor or spark trap, for your industry,
to control contaminants and sparks/embers that are generated.
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Quality Air Solutions
Dust Collector & Spark Arrestor Manufacturers

ULTRA-FLOW Baghouse Dust Collector
High-Ratio Advanced Technology
No dust emissions or “puffing”
Lowest operating cost and maintenance
Longest filter life

QUENCHER Spark Arrestor
Designed specifically for dust collection
Uncompromising industrial quality
Unparalleled success since 2005
The original spark arrestor / spark trap


Small Ultra-Flow Dust Collector
Compact with integral blower
Low cost and ideal for small dust collection
High-Ratio Advanced Technology
No dust emissions or “puffing”

Booster Duct Cleaner
Low cost solution, easy add-on existing duct-work
Boost low flow condition in a duct system
Prevent dust accumulation from dust drop out
Uses advanced pulse-jet technology



“From the time we met the engineer, we knew we had the right expert. As I retire from 30 years of facilities management, I feel comfortable that I have left behind a real asset; Quality Air Management.”

Engineering consultation and dust collection audit.
Quality Air Management


“All the so-called experts told me that I was being fooled, because smaller dust collectors could never do the job…We’ve run these for a while now and they are running amazingly well. I’m impressed and delighted.”

Ultra-Flow Model 60VS-8 and 72VS08 bag house dust collectors
Quality Air Management


“We were searching for an effective and practical spark arrestor to protect our dust collection systems from fires and explosions. We set up a test after receiving your unit and the test of The Quencher worked great!”

The Quencher – Spark Arrestor
Quality Air Management

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All Quality Air Management products are manufactured to the highest standards:

CWB Certified Safer Choice ISO 9001:2008 NFPA  OSHA