An Ultra-Flow Baghouse Dust Collector will allow you to process large amounts of dust laden air and return perectly clean air to the work environment. The most advanced self-cleaning technology uses powerful, but gentle, reverse blasts of compressed-air, to inflate the filter bags causing the dust caked on the outside of the bag to drop down into the hopper. Our top of the line dust collectors can filter out the smallest and largest sized dust particles in continuous operating mode. Our top load filter bags and easy access doors make maintenance as simple as possible.

Features at a glance

  • Unmatched Efficiency with the Lowest Operating Cost
  • Designed, Engineered and assembled in North America
  • Exceeds OSHA, EPA, NFPA dust collection and management standards
  • Advanced pulse jet technology prevents wear and tear of filters and cleans 100% of media
  • 99% efficiency on all types of granular dusts and air pollution control
  • Positive seal system prevents harmful dust leakage to the outlet
  • Affordable Purchase Price
  • 30-40% smaller foot print with a lower shipping weight
  • Low Yearly Operating Costs

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QAM Baghouse Dust Collector

Why you should buy from Quality Air Management

Why buy from us?

Purchasing your baghouse dust collector through Quality Air Management means that you getting the best product by a company that prides itself on the number of installations we have helped with their dust collecion issues. Since the early 1980's, our technology has been used in thousands of successful jobs around the world.

  • Our baghouse collectors forms a highly efficient filter cake, allowing operation at up to 18:1 filter (air-to-cloth) ratio compared to conventional designs operating a 4-8:1 ratio
  • No dust penetration (puffing) during cleaning pulses means absolutely clean air returned, allowing re-circulation to the work area without after filters
  • The high side inlet acts as a dropout chamber to absorb heavy, abrasive and impulsive dust loading
  • Supersonic nozzles on the pulse pipes produce 3.6 times more cleaning energy for every pulse jet; therefore 1/3 the cleaning frequency and 65% less compressed air consumption
  • Only 25% of filters sent to landfill; uses half of the filter elements with at least 2-3 times longer filter life, compared to conventional designs

Still need more convincing?

Our products were designed with the end users in mind, so they offer several ease-of-use upgrades over other models:

  • Easy to service: top load filter bags, without being exposed to dusty filter compartment
  • Built to ISO 9001:2008 and CWB Certification
  • 25-45% lower power consumption and compressed air usage
  • 50-80% lower maintenance and operating cost
  • 3-5 times longer filter life, 1/2 the number of filters and cleaning hardware

30LC8 Dust Collector installed on site30LC8 Dust Collector Installed On-Site


Typical Comparison to Conventional Baghouses

Legend Ultra-Flow Conventional Baghouse
Purchase Price 10-15% less Variable
Dust Emissions 93% less, 15 x 10-4 grains/cu.ft. 200 x 10-4 grains/cu.ft.
Operating Pressure Drop Only 1.5 – 3 inches WC 4-8 inches WC
Fan Power 33% lower, 50 HP 75 HP
Compressed air consumption 70% less, 2.5 SCFM 8.0 SCFM
Filter bag life 67% greater, 60+ months 36 months
Foot Print 37% smaller, 68 sq.ft. 108 sq.ft.
Weight 7700 lbs 9480 lbs

Case Studies: See How We've Helped!

small baghouse dustcollector installed inside factory

Case Study: Ultra-Flow Model 60VS-5

Treadcraft, Ultra-Flow model 60VS-5, B-series advanced technology
baghouse dust collector; collecting rubber, metal shavings and fiberglass fibers from
hammer mills in a tire recycling plant, a very tough application. A Quencher spark
arrestor protects sparks, generated by the hammer mills, from setting the collector on

QAM Baghouse Dust Collector

Case Study: Ultra-Flow Model 60VS-8 B-Series

Radiac Abrasives, Ultra-Flow model 60VS-8, B-series
advanced technology baghouse dust collector; collecting fine powdered glass, aluminum
and resin from grinding and polishing operations. No after-filter is needed to recirculate
air to the plant which is unique to Ultra-Flow collectors.


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Watch the Ultra-Flow video

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