Our Small Baghouse Dust Collectors are designed for smaller applications but still use our compressed-air, self-cleaning technology. Our top of the line dust collectors can filter out sub-micron sized dust particles in continuous operating mode and our sealed mechanisms and easy access doors make maintenance as simple as possible. These Small Baghouse Dust Collectors offer a great value for smaller businesses and their smaller footprint means it can be install in much tighter spaces.

Small Dust ExtractionFeatures at a glance

  • Hi-Tech LC series Self-Cleaning Dust Extraction Collector, suitable for all types of granular dusts and air pollution control, this dust collector is ideal for your shop or anywhere indoor air quality is a concern.
  • Most advanced pulse jet cleaning technology; Cleans 100% of media (instead of 20-25%)
  • Powerful, but gentle high-volume / low-velocity pulse jet for stable dust cake, 1/3 pressure drop and less cleaning frequency and prevent wear and tear of filters.
  • 99% efficient on all types of particulate dust and produces no “puffing” during a cleaning pulse.
  • Positive seal system; Prevents harmful dust leakage to the outlet.
  • Easy to service; bottom load bags and cages.
  • High side inlet; absorbs impulsive dust loads and ensures dust drops to the hopper unimpeded. Allows for high-ratio operation at up to 18:1 filter ratio, regardless of dust and/or application
  • Large access door; for easy service.
  • Optional perforated baffle; Optimize air and dust distribution over all filters, reduces effects of abrasive dust.
  • Hopper or Low-profile dust drawer styles available.
  • Affordable Purchase Price, 30-40% smaller foot print, this dust collector is a compact version of our acclaimed heavy duty Ultra-Flow Baghouse Dust Collector.
  • Lowers Yearly Operating Cost, 25-45% Lower power consumption and compressed air usage, and 50-80% Lower maintenance and operating cost.
  • Built to ISO 9001:2008 and CWB Certification, Your Guarantee of Quality and Reliability.
  • Designed, Engineered and assembled in the U.S.A. and Canada. Our component suppliers are strictly U.S.A. and Canadian.

Why you should buy from Quality Air Management

Why buy from us?

Purchasing your baghouse dust collector through Quality Air Management means that you getting the best product by a company that prides itself on the number of installations we have helped with their dust collecion issues. Since the early 1980's, our technology has been used in thousands of successful jobs around the world.

  • Our baghouse collectors forms a highly efficient filter cake, allowing operation at up to 18:1 filter (air-to-cloth) ratio compared to conventional designs operating a 4-8:1 ratio
  • No dust penetration (puffing) during cleaning pulses means absolutely clean air returned, allowing re-circulation to the work area without after filters
  • The high side inlet acts as a dropout chamber to absorb heavy, abrasive and impulsive dust loading
  • Supersonic nozzles on the pulse pipes produce 3.6 times more cleaning energy for every pulse jet; therefore 1/3 the cleaning frequency and 65% less compressed air consumption
  • Only 25% of filters sent to landfill; uses half of the filter elements with at least 2-3 times longer filter life, compared to conventional designs

Still need more convincing?

Our products were designed with the end users in mind, so they offer several ease-of-use upgrades over other models:

  • Easy to service: top load filter bags, without being exposed to dusty filter compartment
  • Built to ISO 9001:2008 and CWB Certification
  • 25-45% lower power consumption and compressed air usage
  • 50-80% lower maintenance and operating cost
  • 3-5 times longer filter life, 1/2 the number of filters and cleaning hardware




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All Quality Air Management products are manufactured to the highest standards:



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QAM strives to be the leading provider of the most innovative advanced technology products for the dust collection industry. We take pride in achieving a comfortable and safe work place for our clients. We want them to rely on us for all their needs, at the best value for their dust collection dollar. Provide the personal touch to solve a client’s exact needs and customize solutions, and, take the complexity and fear out of dust collection.

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